One Race United (Farad Connect)

“Change the World, Starting with Yours”

Why Farad Connect?

Many people ask “what is Farad Connect?”. Well, there are millions of people all over the world that simply do not have access to the basic tools that they need to succeed in life. A basic checking account, health insurance, and of course a basic means of income are all things that people are struggling with all over the world. Without these basic necessities, it is nearly impossible for some people to succeed. Farad Connect seeks to provide those necessities.

What is Farad Connect?

Farad Connect is a network of benefits which cater to a wide range of people. Every benefit is accessible to all Premium Members for just $5.95 a month. The greatest part of the Farad Connect is that new benefits are being added all the time and services being expanded upon, but the price of Farad Connect will never change.

From the Teams that Brought You…

Crystal Technologies

Personal computer manufacturing company which was acquired by Ashima Technologies.


Introduced the world to the innovations of publishing and on-demand printing, providing services and products to Amazon, IBM, McGraw Hill and Thompson Financial.

PTV (Projector Tele Video)

The groundbreaking company that created an automated transfer system for 8mm video to VHS format.


A patented light-emitting, diode-based light source developed to enhance the detection of latent fingerprints.


Social network and internet communications platform that connects all Olympic Athletes in the world.


Designed to ensure that patients were correctly identified and correlated with their laboratory test samples in the use of real-time application of molecular epidemiology tools.

And so much more

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