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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send money overseas with Farad Connect Pay?

Yes, you can send money overseas. This is one of the most common uses of Farad Connect Pay because it has no extra fees to send and receive money, anywhere in the world. That means you never have to pay for MoneyGram again.

Can I use Farad Connect HealthRX if I already have insurance?

Yes, you can. However, some insurance plans may have deeper discounts for some medications found in the Farad Connect HealthRX network. Other medications not covered by insurance can also be used with Farad Connect HealthRX

Will my data with Farad Connect Social ever be sold for advertising?

No, your data will never be sold to third parties for any purpose. The entire Farad Connect is encrypted with quantum level security.

Do I always get paid weekly from Farad Connect Score?

As long as you have logged into the platform and used one of the features at least once that week, you will receive a sharing bonus!

Are there any transaction fees with the Farad Connect Visa Card?

Yes, there are minimal fees associated with the Farad Connect Visa Card that you can see here.

Are there any fees for selling something on the Market?

There are no fees for buying and selling on the Farad Connect Market. When you sell something on the Farad Connect Market, the profit is 100% yours (subject to federal and local taxes).

Farad Connect Tutorials

Watch video tutorials walking you through how to use some of the basic functions of Farad Connect.

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